Become a prom rep and earn a free prom tuxedo!

Become a Prom Rep, TODAY!

Thank you for your interest in earning your prom tuxedo, by becoming a Mr. Tux Prom Rep! We look forward to working with you!  Below is some information about our prom rep program and how it works!

Fill out the quick form below,  In the message box type
"I WANT TO BE A PROM REP!" We will email you back with your rep number to give to all your friends.  

Refer friends through emails, post on Facebook, send tweets, or text messages to get the word out!  Recieve $10 credit per friend that rents from us ... in other words if 10 of your friends rent from us, you will get a $100 towards a tuxedo rental



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  • Weekdays 11 - 5  |  Saturday  11 - 3
  • Sunday & All Holidays



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