... for a shirt



The way to work your collar measurement out, is by using a tape measure. Measure the fullest part of your neck leaving two fingers between neck and tape for comfort when worn. Where the tape measure overlaps will pin point your ideal measurement.


Arm Length


Place the tape at the center of your neck, measuring across the shoulder and then along the arm to just below your wrist.

... for a jacket




In order to get the correct measurement for your chest, position the tape measure under your armpits and measure the full circumference of your chest.  if your belly is larger than your check, measure there.  Take a full breath.  If your measurement increases, use that number


Sleeve Length


Measure from the joint of your shoulder seam to just below your wrist.

Less than 24 = Short, 24-25 = Regular, 26 = Long,  Over 26 = Extra Long

... for pants




Place your hands on your hips.  This is your natural waist line. Measure 360* and deduct 1/2 inch.




This measurement is from your waistline to the floor wearing shoes

How to


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